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Who we are

HIS International, Inc., had its beginnings in Columbia , South Carolina in 1991, and now includes staff members working in Columbia and on campuses in Charlotte, NC ( University of North Carolina ), and Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech in Blacksburg ), as well as a voluteer service group in Boca Raton, FL (Florida Atlantic University). Other groups in the United States have modeled their programs after HIS International in Columbia . As the scholars & students participate in HIS activities, many lasting relationships develop. When their educational training is finished and they leave, either to go to other American cities or to return to their home countries, the HIS staff continues to be interested in their well-being. If you have participated in a HIS International, Inc., program anywhere in the United States , let us hear from you by email, twitter, or Facebook.

What we do

How are HIS staff members and volunteers involved with international scholars & students? They assist with their practical needs in adjusting to American culture:

  • Getting a Drivers License
  • Locating Housing
  • Shopping for Food and Clothes
  • Learning English
  • Finding Necessary Medical Care

Also, students have the option of joining in a variety of HIS-sponsored activities such as:

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