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Welcome from Our Founder

Hello! The very reason you’re reading this means
that you’re probably either an international or an American who is interested
in internationals. Know that HIS International is a place just for you! Every
HIS location has the same purpose of being a community where all cultures are
welcome and celebrated. Over 25 years ago, my husband and I first had the
privilege of hosting internationals in our home. Since that time, our lives
have been blessed by the friendship of internationals. My husband and I founded
HIS and this organization has been extending hospitality to international
students and scholars for over twenty years.
In 2010 my husband died, but before his death he was in the process of taking
HIS to a new level. HIS will now be connecting international students with the
local Business Community. Please sign up for emails on the Global Leadership
Forums. I will be continuing this effort and I am very interested in connecting
you to those practicing in your fields and with other leaders who can offer
practical advice that will enhance your classroom experience. It is my hope
that you can call HIS your home-away-from-home. Please do feel free to contact
any of our staff or me at


Pat Cannon

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